this chinese dating show is savage, heartbreaking, and strangely feminist

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D etached from history, most forms of popular entertainment seem completely baffling. Not even the bit where they bring out a lion to nibble on a Christian? To give a rough idea to the uninitiated, If You Are The One allows awkward singletons to pitch themselves to a stage-spanning panel of 24 women, in a perverse cross-breeding program that involved The Bachelor , Shark Tank , and a whole load of traumatised Chinese scientists who now wake up in a cold sweat every night whispering something about Project Chimera.

Overseeing this public ritual of humiliation, camouflaged as a romantic quest, is popular host Meng Fei, who descends calmly from a metal tube in the studio wall — as if the hysterical crowd has somehow convinced the spirit of reality TV to birth the chosen one. Meng has a certain serenity about him, which is lucky because the stage and lighting design are the visual equivalent of hyperventilation. Honestly, the man could out-Zen an anaesthetised brick.

Contestants then plop out of the same tube in the wall, looking uncomfortable — probably because they were just sucked out of a business meeting through the floor — and immediately pick their favourite girl, having not heard a single word from them, which is a slightly odd move given a lot of the show focuses on the issue of marriage and what makes a good life partner.

Perhaps the most nail-bitingly enjoyable parts are the pre-recorded video packages. Friends join in to lend an unhelpful hand. I hope he can find a girl to help him. Dating China Entertainment TV comment. Reuse this content.

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Earlier this year, Twitter user touchmybobby posted a string of meme-style screenshots from a very relatable Chinese dating show. The show, If You Are the One , is actually a beloved ratings beast. The format, loosely based on another Australian dating show called Taken Out , is as follows: One male suitor is introduced to 24 women, who stand in an arc in a live arena, each one behind a light-up podium.

At any point, the women are free to shut off their podium lights to symbolize their disinterest. If all the lights go off, the suitor goes home empty-handed. The format is peculiar, yet strangely familiar in an age when dating is done through a series of swipes and double taps. Tinder can sometimes feel no less brutal than pitching your fuckability to 24 people simultaneously on nationwide TV.

On dating apps, the whole game is one of first impressions, and deadpan humor often falls flat in the DMs. The Chinese show is also set in a world a.

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Richard Hatch, Kelly Wiglesworth, Sue Hawk, and Rudy Boesch have survived to the end of Survivor: Borneo, and their incredible final moves in this new game would become the second-most-watched TV show of the s. Eco-Challenge 27 Aug. Survivor Borneo recaps 26 Aug. The Real Housewives 25 Aug. Love Island recaps 25 Aug.

Momo is, by far, the most popular Chinese dating app and by the number of Nevertheless, when it comes to Chinese dating apps, Momo is the first one that comes to In terms of design, Tantan is a shameless Tinder rip-off taking who shows up in search results is making him or her visible on purpose.

The show gained a cult following in Australia, after hitting screens in , pitting one male suitor against 24 women, with the ability to show disinterest by merely turning off a light and expressing their distaste with uncensored honesty. Scroll down for video. The show gained a cult following in Australia, after hitting screens in , pitting one male suitor against 24 women. The women stand behind a podium with lights which they can keep on or turn off, depending on their interest in the male suitor.

The major attraction to the show comes with the honest responses to why the women have turned off their lights, some expressing, the suitor, ‘looks so funny I can’t stop laughing,’ and pointing fingers at their personal appearance. One woman said: ‘have you thought of losing weight? The major attraction of the show is down to the honest responses the women give for not liking the men.

With a viewership of over 50 million people per episode the show sky rocketed to fame. The women are then given the opportunity to ask the male contestant questions about themselves to understand the inner workings of their suitor. This woman couldn’t hide the fact that she found her potential suitor’s appearance laughable.

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Looking for love in China? The List of 8 Most Popular Chinese Dating Apps

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Cross border investment between N. Korea, China shrank in 2015: report

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As the data breach of the adultery website, AshleyMadison. Hackers alleged late Tuesday that they had dumped account details and log-in information of around 32 million users of the website, revealing millions of street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and credit-card details. Nobody said it was easy. And many of them pay a hefty sum for that chance to meet their perfect match.

Reality show reviews, recaps, and reality TV news analysis: your guide to reality has shows from CBS All Access (Star Trek: Discovery) and Pop (One Day at a The reward challenge for Survivor Borneo episode 12 turned out to be pivotal.

As with our previous features, this is a list designed to celebrate the very best performances by guest actors in Stargate SG However, we did come across a couple of challenges in compiling the list for this particular series. The other problem, meanwhile, relates to the nature of the show. Still, with all that said, there are still guest appearances that were memorable, whether because they were touching, dramatic or funny.

These are ten of the best. Ad — content continues below. As the series went on, however, and Daniel became increasingly cooler and less caricatured, others were called upon to fill the role, especially in season 6, when Daniel was absent all together. Billingsley may be there primarily to make in-jokes about Star Trek in a rather daft comedy episode, but he does the job better than most. Orlin was only half-doomed, since he was able to ascend, but otherwise he fits the bill perfectly.

Sean Patrick Flannery manages to deliver a performance that eases over the extremely creepy way Orlin treats Carter at first, basically sneaking into her house and stalking her, and creates a sympathetic, while markedly alien, character. What makes Seth really fun, though, is the sort of cult leader he decides to be.

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It was first broadcast on January 15, , and originally aired twice a week on Saturdays and Sundays until December Starting from January , it air on Saturday nights at pm. Episodes are also widely distributed online. The show is viewed internationally over the internet and satellite television.

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In the last couple of years Momo has been trying hard to improve its past seedy reputation re-positioning itself more of an interest based social app rather than purely a hook up service. It has added some shopping elements, games, groups etc. Those changes also made it harder to navigate — it is sort of all over the place nowadays. Nevertheless, when it comes to Chinese dating apps, Momo is the first one that comes to mind of most singles in China.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Chinese — the English version was discontinued 3 years ago, although the company promises to launch an international version in the future. In terms of design, Tantan is a shameless Tinder rip-off taking advantage of its famous trademark feature — left or right swipe. Similar to Tinder, more features can be unlocked with premium membership which is how the app makes money. Although Tantan is almost exact copy of Tinder it also can be used in English , the western original has only itself to blame for not making it in China.

By linking itself to Facebook as the only way to create an account, it has locked itself out of Chinese market from the start. It targets people who are serious about finding the right match and are not there just looking for a booty call. All users must use real names and have to pass verification to ensure there are no fakes. They are also encouraged to list assets like housing and cars with the proof that they really own them. Educational credentials such as diplomas and certificates as well as credit score are also common profile features.

Dating is a serious business on Baihe and this attitude is what sets it apart from other Chinese dating apps.

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