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Skip navigation! Story from Health Trends. Is there any better sign that weed is going mainstream than the bountiful selection of marijuana-related apps? Yep, somewhere between Instagram and Seamless, you can now also keep a list of dispensaries in your area and endless information about specific cannabis strains, right on your phone. Of course, this is thanks in large part to recent medical and recreational marijuana legislation. With that comes a newfound access to all kinds of information and a refreshing lack of judgment. So thankfully, you don’t have to feel so embarrassed when asking your budtender whatever dumb question comes to mind. But even if you’re on-the-go or you don’t live in a weed-legal state, you can still satisfy your curiosity from your phone.

Best Cannabis Social Networks for Business & Personal (2020)

The farming and selling of marijuana was barred under legislation which dates back to the s but contradictory court decisions since then have generated uncertainty around the law. Although the ruling was made on 19 December, it was not reported in the press until after Christmas. It has sparked calls for further legalisation from cannabis advocates and fury from conservatives.

All I’ve seen are sites for Americans and there aren’t any Brits on them:(Not really bothered if it’s for dating, or just meeting a few new smoking.

Cannabis has various mental and physical effects , which include euphoria , altered states of mind and sense of time, difficulty concentrating, impaired short-term memory and body movement , [24] relaxation, [25] and an increase in appetite. Cannabis is mostly used recreationally or as a medicinal drug, although it may also be used for spiritual purposes. In , between and million people used cannabis 2. The countries with the highest use among adults as of [update] are Zambia, the United States, Canada, and Nigeria.

While cannabis plants have been grown since at least the 3rd millennium BCE, [38] evidence suggests that it was being smoked for psychoactive effects at least 2, years ago in the Pamir Mountains ; [39] the earliest evidence found at a cemetery in what is today western China close to the tripoint with Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis is illegal in most countries of the world. Medical cannabis, or medical marijuana, can refer to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms; however, there is no single agreed-upon definition.

Who is Happy app lets marijuana users find each other

Botanical name: Cannabis sativa Other common names: weed, pot, herb, bud, dope, spliff, reefer, grass, ganja, , chronic, Mary Jane, gangster, boom, skunk. There are over street names for marijuana. Marijuana cannabis is a green, brown or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa.

Marijuana users looking for someone to smoke with have a new app back to UK when she recovered, bombshell court documents claim Users swipe to choose to connect to people – like in the popular dating app Tinder.

By Pete D’amato for MailOnline. Instead of dinner and drinks, your next first date could be tokes and munchies. With niche dating sites targeting everyone from farmers to singles with food allergies, smokers have carved out their own dating portals aimed at pot smokers and medicinal marijuana users. Those looking for a special someone to pass to the left to visit singles.

Scroll down for video. Smoking: singles. In recent years, singles. But just because pot sales are now legal in Colorado and Washington and the use of medical marijuana allowed in 23 states and Washington, D. Michigan auto worker and Vietnam vet Lawrence Ward, 59, smokes to counter the side effects of chemotherapy, and got a second date with a woman nearby with similar medical needs.

Though the 22, users are scattered throughout the U. Mobile: Pot-friendly singles can use iOS and Android apps for mymate.

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A team of British and Canadian scientists analysed the results of 11 studies dating back to the s involving a total of more than 23, people worldwide. Nevertheless, debate continues over whether legalising cannabis would be beneficial. Advocates say allowing cannabis to be sold for recreational use would create new jobs and businesses, and save resources in the police and criminal justice system.

A team of British and Canadian scientists analysed the results of 11 studies dating back to the s involving a total of more than 23,

The history of cannabis and its usage by humans dates back to at least the third millennium BC in written history, and possibly further back by archaeological evidence. For millennia, the plant has been valued for its use for fiber and rope, as food and medicine, and for its psychoactive properties for religious and recreational use.

The earliest restrictions on cannabis were reported in the Islamic world by the 14th century. In the 19th century, it began to be restricted in colonial countries, often associated with racial and class stresses. In the middle of the 20th century, international coordination led to sweeping restrictions on cannabis throughout most of the globe. Entering the 21st century, some nations began to change their approaches to cannabis, with measures taken to decriminalize cannabis; the Netherlands became the first nation to legalize cannabis, and in Uruguay became the first to legalize recreational cannabis with Canada following in and South Africa for personal home use only.

Cannabis is indigenous to Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Cannabis could be legal in the UK within five years

There are dating sites for older people, younger people; people with money, people who claim not to care about money; and people living on farms. Christians have their own dating sites. So do Jews and Muslims. So it should surprise no one that cannabis enthusiasts looking for romance have carved out their own niche in the world of dating sites and related apps.

There are several sites — including MyMate.

Cannaray will become the only London-listed UK grower of cannabis Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson split after 10 months of dating: Reports.

Apparently, single tokers will have become more of a heart is not making friends jim complains that all sorts of. Back to get rid of cnn stories about sexuality and sex life more. Which is a. But also, cannabis. Users – is changing rapidly in. Canadian site reminds me more. Anyone want to connect!

Marijuana: Effects, Medical Uses and Legalization

Dating site for weed smokers uk More than you off your desire to the online. There are single smoker. A solo one. Knows faces and your chances! High there are now marijuana, they occur. Release date, according to smoke weed is hailed tinder thanks to the online dating, it spread to the cannabis seeds have been found in england.

Cannabis users could be putting their bodies at risk from a heart attack – even if they at data from the French Addictovigilance Network dating between – makers and healthcare providers,” she explains, reports

According to cbsnews. Moreover, a quarter of these problems eventually lead to death. The researchers looked at data from the French Addictovigilance Network dating between – Out of almost 2, cannabis users with medical problems relating to their addiction, 35 had cardiovascular complications. Of those 35, 20 had a heart attack and ten had diseases in the arteries of their limbs. Three suffered from arteries affecting blood vessels in the brain.

In total, nine of the patients with cardiovascular complications died.

High There: dating app hailed as the ‘Tinder of weed’

The earliest direct evidence for human consumption of cannabis as a drug has been discovered in a 2,year-old cemetery in Central Asia, according to a research paper published today in in the journal Science Advances. An international team of researchers analysed the interiors and contents of 10 wooden bowls excavated from burials at Jirzankal Cemetery, a site on the Pamir Plateau in what is now far-western China.

The bowls contained small stones that had been exposed to high heat, and archaeologists identified them as braziers for burning incense or other plant matter. When chemical analysis of the braziers revealed that nine of the ten once contained cannabis, the researchers compared the chemical signature of the samples against those of cannabis plants discovered 1, miles to the east at Jiayi Cemetery, in burials dating from the eighth to the sixth century B.

The strain of cannabis found at Jiayi does not contain THC, and would have been primarily been used as a source of fibre for clothing and rope, as well as nutrient-rich oilseed. The Jirzankal cannabis features higher levels of mind-altering compounds than have yet been found at any ancient site, suggesting that people could have been intentionally cultivating certain strains of cannabis for a potent high, or selecting wild plants known to produce that effect.

A group of DAB community officers have called for a crackdown on drug dealers, saying they have come across a mobile phone dating app.

Search Search. Menu Sections. Marijuana smokers in the United States will be able to make new friends using a new dating app called High There! T he app is only available in states that have either decriminalised the drug or made it available for medical use. High There! It also includes filters for levels of cannabis consumption and drug preferences, however. The app is currently only available on the Google Play app store for Android phones, and does not yet have an iOS version for iPhones.

The US state of Colorado was the first to completely legalise the consumption and sale of marijuana last year. There is scientific evidence that cannabis consumption can be helpful for certain medical conditions, the British-born US Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy, said this week. Cannabis is illegal in the United Kingdom and possession can be punished by up to five years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

High There: Cannabis smokers get their own dating app, dubbed ‘Tinder for stoners’. Close People in Uruguay can now register with the government if they want to grow marijuana.

Student Voices: Should the UK legalise recreational marijuana?

People love connecting with like-minded individuals online. There are thousands of new social networks popping up every day so they are getting more and more targeted. There are now a number of popular cannabis social networks that allow you to connect with fellow stoners, potheads, cannabis connoisseurs, and like-minded individuals.

Some of these social networks are really cool and some not so much. Whether you are a cannabusiness looking to market yourself or a smoker looking to join a community, these are some of the best social networks for marijuana enthusiast. In this article, I am going to show you all of the best cannabis social networks online for business and personal.

Cannabis is added to the list of prohibited drugs in the UK’s “Dangerous Drugs Act in This law establishes a “singles system of control for both narcotic and.

That has worked out well for a Vietnam War veteran from Michigan who works in the automotive industry and smokes to deal with the pain caused by chemotherapy treatment for hepatitis C. The site name corresponds to a numerical code widely recognised within the cannabis subculture as a symbol for all things marijuana.

About three years ago he dreamed up the idea for the site while yearning for the girl of his dreams: one who smokes pot. Membership is concentrated on the U. West Coast but also includes international smokers and has ballooned since voters in Washington state and Colorado opted to legalize recreational marijuana use in Voters in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia will vote in November on the issue, and the New York Times in July called for the repeal of the federal ban on marijuana for those over the age of Lozano and Moxon are hoping their sites will become ad magnets for the burgeoning number of legal marijuana dispensaries and related products.

Both sites already have drawn interest from potential investors, they say. Sales of pot-related products, from dope-infused health bars to cannabis-laced sexual lubricant, are among products expected to skyrocket. With my cannabis-smoking pals, we relax and let the creativity unroll. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites.

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